Bait availability at St Brice

We are proud to be able to offer a few products specially chosen from the Northern Baits range of 16 or 20mm Boilies, Popups, liquids & Pellets

Northern Baits are based in Denmark & we have extensively used & tested their products since 2017 here in France  We are very happy with their quality, range & ability to deliver on time to us.

This enabels us to offer you a premier range of their boilies,  which we also use as a feed here at St Brice for just £ 11.00  per kilo here on site.

All boilies are 20mm & supplied in a 4.5kg zip lock bag

 Most Pellets are supplied in a 1kg bag

Hookbaits are supplied in standard sized tubs

Prices quoted for bait are in GBP,  Your bait must be pre ordered & paid for at the time of balance payment of your trip is due,  to ensure we have the correct stock on site at all times ready.

The only Partical mix to  be used on site is strictly our own, which is sold fresh in a 5kg tub, this is limited to 4 tubs per angler per week only to control the volume of partical being fed into the lake, (Chilli or Garlic flovor).

The Bait Range available to pre order .

Bait, Pellet, Liquid & Partical Mix Prices

  1. Milky Amino 16/20mm Boilie 4.5kg : £49.50  Milky Amino Pellets 1kg:  £5.00 Milky Amino Liquid 500ml: £12.00
  2. Garlic Krillers 16/20mm Boilie 4.5kg : £49.50  Red Krill Pellets 1kg: £5.00.  Pure Krill Extract Liquid 500ml: £12.00
  3. Evolution 16/20mm Boilie 4.5kg : £49.50Evolution Pellets 1kg: £5.00.  Evolution Liquid 500ml: £12.00
  4. Coppins 10mm Premium Carp Pellets 4.5kg: £20.00  
  5. Popups, wafters & hard hooker tubs 15/20mm, (krill Garlic, Milky Amino, Evolution)  all at £8.00 per tub.
  6. Parti Mix 5kg buckets: Chilli or Garlic flavor £15.00 (limited to x4 tubs per angler per week), just add your own Chops, pellet & liquid flavor.

No Partical: Nuts, Beans, Peas, Hemp or Maggotts  are to be used, with the exception only of our own on site parti mix:  in order to control the volume & quality of partical being used.

 Please ensure all bait orders are in 2 months prior to trip, bait to be paid for with trip balance.