Etang du St Brice

Our long term plan at St Brice is to develop a medium stocking density of Carp from a variaty of strains with good growth potential. St Brice is not a deep cold lake, the depths are 2-8 feet, with an average of 4.5 feet. We are also located in an area of Brittany that benefits from a warmer micro climate most of the year, for this reason the lake warms up quickly & remains warmer for longer, which makes the Autumn & Winter fishing very good.

This creates a perfect environment for the fish to thrive in.  The ratio of Commons to Mirrors is about 1-3. The first test batch of carp after the works were stocked in late Jan 2019 & some of these fish have put on over 5lbs in their first year.  Subsequent stocking was carried out from Nov 2019 through to late Jan 2020, with a good number of very heavily plated mirrors & a handfull of Fully Scaled Mirrors, together with a number of very deep bodied Commons. The minimum size stocked were the Fully Scaled Mirrors at about 17lbs,  with most of the fish being over 20lbs & a maximum of  40lbs. 

We consider that by spring 2023 the lake will have a large head of 30lbs+ fish, along with a number of  40lbs+ with fantastic potential for the future, with fish that have grown from C3/C4 size in  the lake & been hand chosen rather than just stocking very large French fish that are 8 years plus,  which are widely available here from many fish farmers

St Brice with a medium stocking density is not a French Runs Water, with Bays,  Gullies & Large Granite Boulders in the lake bed, its more of a thinking anglers lake.

There are 6 swims in total, of which 3 are very large doubles, all designed to take large euro style double bivvies.

 Our Fish Stock at St Brice  & the future.