The Swim Choices here at St Brice

The Point 

A good sized  very flat double swim which offers a good choice of options. Situated in the deeper area of the lake & fronts onto the island. A great choice as a social swim to share for 2 anglers during periods when the remainder of the lake is quiet. Depths 5/8 feet

The Vidange/Sluice

The Vidange is situated at the deepest point of the lake (10 feet).

The swim offers a good run of left hand treeline with deep water,  it also offers open water fishing out towards the island with gullies & features in the lake bed, Depths 4/8 feet.

Monkey Island

Situated at the top end of the lake on the right hand bank; a large double swim which offers good fishing under the far unbroken treeline, this swim has control of the whole top end in addition to allowing fishing feft handed to the top of the island,  Depths 2/5 feet

Island View 

Situated at the car park end of the lake; a large double swim which offers a wide choice of spots from gravel bars to the right into deeper water to the left & out towards the island. Once again a great social swim to control the car park bay. Depths 2/5 feet.